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What am I missing here?


I watched the video. I read the article. I neither heard nor read ANYTHING that could be construed as Hubbard exhibiting public media contempt of this idiotic judge.

Hubbard is a sworn law enforcement officer. Judge Carroll is supposed to punish those who are arrested for breaking our laws. Hubbard arrested someone who was CLEARLY not fit to drive. Judge Carroll is the one who said "Awwww, it's ok to go out and drink alcohol and consume NUMEROUS pharmaceuticals and then go out and drive around, thereby turning your vehicle into a gun and aiming it at every citizen."

For those of you who claim that the BAC was not high enough to warrant an arrest, shut up. Shut up because you're ignoring very crucial pieces of information. First - Holden blew a .06. Second - He admitted that he took the prescription drug Lorazapam in addition to drinking. Third - He was aware the drug should not be taken with alcohol and understood he should not drive while taking the drug. Fourth - He failed the field sobriety tests (Admit it. If you can't walk a straight line, you have no business whatsoever behind the wheel of a car because driving in straight lines is mandatory.) Fifth - It wasn't Holden's first DWI. Clearly this is a man with no respect for our laws, much less for all of our citizens. Sixth - Holden was driving around on three tires and one rim. A sober person under no influence would not do this. Hubbard had every right to arrest this clown. Carroll dropped the ball.

Proud of you, Hubbard. Ashamed of you, Carroll.


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