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It is obvious that the only

It is obvious that the only thing the officer is guilty of is poor work performance when it came down to judgement hour. yeah, he did not do his job as us tax payers expected him to do, yeah, a bunch of procedure and protocal was ignored, but when it gets right down to it, and he is staring at Norman Holden right in the face, with his network of really impotent, I mean, Important people, as his life long friends, the officer did what he had to do. He did not ask Charles Dean Holden to cross county lines at the witching hour, inebreated by his own admission, in the course of duty to his employer, Simplex Grinnel, in response to an alarm on the island, The officer simply pulled over a vehicle reported driving on three wheels and a whole lot of sparks. Please note though, the video shown has Norman Holden walking in to the federal court house in Raleigh, In his bid to rat out those very same friends he has counted on every time his son gets in to trouble. As it was said from an earlier post, it's Brunswick County People.


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