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What a bunch of CRAP

WWAY should be ashamed for airing this tabloid piece of yellow journalism. What a CROCK! We're not on "Bannon's Buddy's" anymore! Heck, give us back those guys again from those days, you know "The Greatest Generation," REAL REPORTERS not gossip columnist. We are headed for the spittoon because we now wish to believe this crap is news. A story resurrected from the discarded pages of a long forgotten public humiliation campaign as posted on FACEBOOK. Now, WWAY is in the business of public trashing and innuendo based on the report "of a viewer". Its all a carefully planned hatchet job to publicly humiliate the Holden family. A long standing and honorable family in Brunswick County. Forget the thirty years of selfless unpaid or low paid devotion to the City of Southport. Yes, this is where you hacks insert and imply that the former Mayor was on the take; a hollow charge void of any REAL evidence. Heck no, lets let petty jealousies take standing over public service for citizen welfare. Lets let FACEBOOK Gossip reel in journalist to pose and act as our public forum to continue what the DELETE button on FACEBOOK could not do. While we're at it.....Lets use the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department too. Lets report our FACEBOOK gossip and innuendo to them so they can continue to WASTE our tax dollars chasing down FACEBOOK grudge matches and silly girl gossip. Let the great Sheriff Ingram's deputies spend their time dealing with this BS, but first we need to outfit the department in Paramilitary equipment and training. Heck, we don't need a police force for this gossip...we need the MILITARY style SWAT TEAM. Right Roger? Right Charlie Miller? Vote that bum Sheriff out! Is there a benefit of doubt in here any where for the Holden family or is it just petty school yard vitriol? Is there an ounce of THANK YOU left in the county for Holden's years of service? I THINK NOT.

And, there is NO EXCUSE for endangering the lives of innocent people for your own self satisfaction, habit or whatever you call it when one chooses to drive impaired. Half the hacks on here making snide comments have done just that themselves. But, this crap posted on here and the entire news piece is a hatchet job on a family name.
By the way you bunch of idoits.......go back to school and learn spelling and grammar.
Hey! I'll see you in church on Sunday you bunch of hypocrites! Be sure to sit on the FRONT ROW so we'll know how pious you are.


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