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You want to know a judge that has it in for men ? Try judge Blackmore. I was found not guilty in front of Judge Criner but when it came time for my ex to re-new the restraining order, well, guess what...judge Blackmore extended it for TWO years ! My point being in all of this is it's like poppa always said when it comes to courts and judges and lawyers, it's not what you know but who you know and how much money you've got. Do not try to tell me the legal system (HA) is fair.

BTW, her attorney approached the side desk by judge Blackmore and handed her assistant a note and walked back by my ex and her sugar daddy and gave them a thumbs up. That hearing was settled before my butt hit the defendant seat. Chances are this wont get published. But for the sake of others in my position, I hope it will be. Thank you WWAY.


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