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Charles Holden may have saved your life during a Hurricane..

I know this person and he has had his share of tough times. and is now coming out of all of them. I want to thank the people supporting him through what has been a freakn joke to our society. This is a plain embassemnet of our citzens of our area. I am sure All of Norman Holden's and Dean Holden's true Friends are supporting them. Including there close friends in the Judical system are also watching. Close friends such as Judge Ola Lewis, Judge Polie Barefoot, Judge Bill fairly, Judge Marion Warren, Judge Jackie Hooks are all watching how the public are treating their friends in this grade school act of the general public..
These highly Education people know people suffer some very tough times in the life and they are trained and understand these peoples acts and a lot of time their reasons. They are not only a Judge that put people in jail they are a couselor that understand the peoples and his family and understand maybe going through a class such as DWI classes or Drug Classes. THey understand as in this case this person was a top Nuclear technician and supervior that only a few years ago, before he went thru a divorce, open heart surgery, Thyroid problems, Crushed elbow and a torm ACL.....He maybe you should praise him ..Just take a second and think of this . MR. Holden was OUR Operational Service Center command manager during Hurricane Floyd. This is the type of person he is . He put himself at the front line of defense along with his staff. He had to comand Techs, HP's, Mech's while in the middle of our worst hurricane since this plant was built. He had to number 1 take into the account that peoples lives are in danger and where do you draw this line. Save your personel and friends or maybe your family and the general public for miles around, attempting to control a possible nuclear event that could affect the United States and maybe the World.......This is Charles Dean Holden and he is a very responsable person and a true leader for our community ....


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