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Butler and Berger

Everything you describe as far as what we need in New Hanover County, the kind of Commissioner who stood against all the tax increases, wasteful spending, pushed greater accountability including at the ABC Board and CFPUA, who's been fighting for citizens of all walks, looking out for us common taxpayers, fighting corruption...describes Brian Berger, the only truly genuine candidate and taxpayers friend out of the four candidates. Berger too, despite claims of dubious nature by Butler and others, Berger was the only one to oppose the millions in tax "incentives" given to Titan. Berger is the real deal, Butler changes her tune depending on the audience, but she's just another Realtor looking for hers and she's NEVER took a courageous stand on an issue like Brian Berger.

Is she a decent human, sure, for a lawyer! just kidding. Really, if we want a real fighter who is for low taxes, against corruption and cronyism, against Titan and has a courageous vision for the future of New Hanover County, then we need to single shot Brian Berger.

Vote for Berger and let the chips fall where they may with the rest or we will more likely get two clones of Caster and Greer, and Butler has shown that's what she is...another Realtor looking to get her piece of the pie. Watch Berger and you see a real principled leader who acts...Butler just panders and changes messages to tell u whatever lie u want to hear.


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