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Mrs. Redenbaugh, get a clue.

Mrs. Redenbaugh, get a clue. The reason the schools are doing better is because we are mixing higher performing children with lower peforming children, thus bringing the statistics up. I understand this is a liberal way of looking at statistics and you can't help it, but please don't act like the rest of us are stupid. Quite frankly, I am not here to support the children of the slugs of society and if the state does not want to give money to a school system because they are not doing as much for the lower class as they should be, then that tells us where their priorities lie. No wonder our children are not being educated. Furthermore, how dare any of you use children to push your socialist views onto the productive members of society. Yes, I do feel bad for the children from the lower class neighborhoods and I do feel they should have an equal education. However, make sure you sit down when you read this, it may surprise many of you to know that when given the same chances as higher performing children, many of the youth today throw them away. But I guess that is the fault of the higher performing children too.


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