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I agree

Everytime I read something about our redistricting, my stomach turns. Talk about a bandaid effort every step of the way. I am so frustrated with them talking about these dissadvantaged areas. They do exist, and I do not wish that for anyone. But why does Redenbaugh think it is up to the school system to somehow remedy that with these proposed efforts of "mixing" children and "masking" the real deficits. Put more money into the schools in the broken areas to PREVENT them from failing.Put more teachers there,do mandatory afterschool study halls, help them, and quit bussing our kids around to balance stats and numbers. It is so fitting that the money is possibly lost. Redenbaugh is out to lunch, she infuriates me. I cannot believe she even believes herself.Our neighborhood was one that was moved out and downtown to balance the numbers. Ironically, the school we were moved from, and then to, were still at max capacity. Kids need to go to the closer school, dont put them through logistical headaches, instead put money where it is needed. And if anyone really wants a good bit of info, check out "no child left behind". It is part of the problem, basically it says if children attend a school and they do not make the "mark" and test high enough, they can "opt" out of the school, thereby making room for some bussed kids to come in and even out the numbers. So is it the kid or the school. Sure wish our board would make every effort in those schools to make sure that no child failed this test, thereby not allowing the "no child left behind" act be put into place. That is what affected our neighborhood. So Redenbaugh needs to push at looking at prevention, not react and bandaid this situation.


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