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Brian Berger is Right

You said the same BS during the primary when Berger scorched your friend caster, you're the same exact crony using anonymity to repeat your same vicious smears.
Berger has been active publicly for years, check the record, and that sets him apart from the other candidates. Berger was fighting wasteful spending, the convention center, Titan incentives, CFPUA very publicly when Catlin and Butler were nowhere except buttering their own interests...doing nothing for taxpayers like Berger - who had nothing to gain except following his principles. With COURAGE AND CONVICTION. You clearly don't understand that since you make baseless allegations repeating the same garbage you spewed during the must have alot of time on your hands so why dont you get a job. Berger ever file for bankruptcy since you spend all day researching him trying to find anything, any dirt, and making up garbage to post anonymously. You are a coward and Berger has more character in his pinky than wonder you're unemployed Mr. "I'm a political consultant" Yeah, we remember you and your vicious attacks on Berger. GET A LIFE and stop attacking a good decent person, Brian Berger, you are neither decent nor are slime. Have some courage and tell us your name if you want to throw around ridiculous garbage...the worst you have on Berger is this???? Most people have done worse esp. YOU. Look in the mirror and please stay home on election day. YOU are a traitor to your country and a coward. An Obama fetishist with no honor. Berger has guts. BERGER HAS HONOR. He gets my vote.


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