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Done with Berger

I think Brian has an ego problem. He always talks about how he's the ONLY candidate to do blah blah blah...HE's the only candidate to run unsuccessfully for 5 years straight...or however long he says he's been here. He says he has children and he says he doesn't have children, he says he's married, he says he's not married. He's a libertarian, he's a republican. He's a marketing consultant, he's a student of government. He's been in DC, he works for AISI he's been laid of now he's a small business owner. As a tea party candidate I wonder if he accepted unemployment benefits from when he was laid off. I thought Brian was a pretty neat person, I thought he was different. Truth is, he's the guy that's dying to be part of the club. When he was trying to decide if he was going to ask for a run off- both JBarfield and JThompson were blowing all kinds of wind up Brian's pants. He loved it. JThompson even told Brian he should remain out of the public eye, talk very little, because Brian's voice is different. The biggest indicator that Brian is just more of the exact same is his lack of criticism regarding the JThompson/JBarfield backdoor deal for the chairmanship. He was the one person I truly expected to stand up and say something. He didn't. He waffled. WAFFLED. Only after that interview did I begin to take a harder look at HamBerger. He does a lot of grandstanding,Berger is the same to me as Obama. Berger bust onto the scene from...well, we aren't really sure and promises all kinds of change- yet- he giggles like a small child when the J's ring his phone- cause- now he (believes)he's part of the backdoor club. I can't even believe I took time to write this- I'm just tired of seeing and reading all his posts. I swear he's got about 15 different screen names. He compliments himself- then turns around and writes something negative- so that he can again post about himself. Dude is a trip. Seriously, at one time I thought he was a viable candidate- but if you do your DD you will soon be as dissappointed as I am.


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