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You People Are Hilarious

There is about 1 or 2 people on here slobbering over Sid Causey and posting every single derogatory comment against Berger. A child restraint citation? Are you serious? If that's the best you can do then get use to the term "Commissioner Berger".

You guys are pathetic - I can't see why in the world you are so threatened by a little guy with a squeaky voice that optimistically dreams of a better, more efficient, transparent government that serves everyone. I know Brian well and he has worked sporadically for years as a marketing consultant - a freelancer. If anyone of you small time one-horse-town dolts has ever lived in a large city then you know that the majority of suits in marketing, advertising, P.R., and consulting are freelancers who work on and off on a sporadic basis. You make your money when you can - then look for the next project. I don't know what the big mystery is. That's his career. I myself did it for about a year in NYC. It's a hard life - but a noble profession.

Brian has nothing but integrity. I put out some of his campaign signs, and the next day 3 out of 4 were stolen. I was angry, and I called him, and his calm response was immediately one of sadness for the people who work low wage jobs that managed to give him $10 for his campaign out of their meager wages. It was them that he thought of - not himself. He said it was a great disservice to them that would give away money that they need for a candidate that they believe in; only to have signs that their money bought to be stolen and destroyed. THAT - is honor. THAT - is integrity. And it is what Brian Berger is made of. And it what this corrupt, crooked county is desperately in need of.


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