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Stop Spreading Lies!

Its one thing to look into a man's personal life in order to learn more about him, but its another to go digging for anything you can use against him! Berger is a man who believes in sticking to the issues. He is willing to answer questions openly about his personal life when asked, but he also wants to stick to the issues because that is what should be the most important when it comes to voting. Berger has openly stated that he does not want to reveal too much about his personal life in order to protect his friends and family. After the negative things that were said about Pantano's wife, who could blame him! I think it is admirable of him to do so! I have been involved in things with my job or in the community, but if you google-search them then you won't see my name on the site. So what? Thats really just showing how desperate you are to find something wrong! As for the youtube commercial, it is a commercial from the last time he ran for office. Alot of candidates have probably used their old campaign material again, especially those who do not have the resources or money that other candidates have! How important is money or connections to good ol'boys in the community when you have truth in your words, a message to say, and people who believe in you anyway? Who he is standing with at the END of the commercial is irrelevant! What IS important are the issues addressed in the commercial! I have met Berger and Heather and there is no doubt in my mind that the two love each other and are engaged to be married in the near future. Berger has also had Heather and her two little boys attend political events and it is obvious to anyone who watches that he will make a wonderful stepfather to them. Don't sit there and say that Berger is not truthful when it is plain to anyone with half a brain that you are in no position to state what is the truth and what is not! Berger is a strong candidate who has stayed solid on his beliefs for years, even when he faced opposition. I don't care what any of these blogs say about him. When I go to the polls, I plan on voting for Berger and ONLY Berger, because he is the only one that I truly believe in! He has a message. He has something to say. If anyone wants change in this county for the better, it is Berger you should vote for!


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