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paramedics party

I happen to live 2 doors down from these paramedics and its funny I dont recall them having a hugh party in August. These are very nice young men and for some reason I dont see them administrating promethazine especially the eve of their HUGH party. As i recall there were six to eight cars present and all seemed to leave their party exhibiting no signs of being ineburated or impaired. One might wonder how I know this, well I happen to be walking my dogs when several of the "party-goers" left, in fact I held a small conservation with a few of them and not one of them seemed impaired. Correct me if Im wrong but it was not too long ago that I was administring promethazine in the emergency room and a dose of 25mg would wipe an elephant out for hours and they sure were not holding a conservation....they were sleeping definitely not driving. Another question that I have is, how did they get extra vials of promethazine and where did they get it? Second question I have is the town does not have in place paramedics Oak Island depends on the county for PARAMEDIC coverage, Oak Island EMS CANNOT administer promethazine. I feel that wway needs to investigate this more and have facts in order and actually find out what the EMS personnal can do medically on Oak Island and what drugs they might house in their EMS vehicles. You might be surpraised to know what the EMS staff on Oak Island cant do. Better call for a county unit in a serious situation because I dont fell that O2 and asprin will save all. THINK ABOUT IT!!!


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