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One simple; one not so simple, but easy nonetheless

Is the word huge (to describe something as larger than large) so difficult that so many people can't spell it? Why do so many people spell it hugh? That's a man's name, not a description of something large. Befuddling and mind-boggling at least.

On the other hand inebriated isn't too difficult; say it; spell it just like it's said: in e bri ated.

So first you write there was no party; then, you mention all the vehicles. Then you put the word party in parentheses. Was there a party or not? However, if you were going for subtle humor, sarcasm, or irony, the rest of us missed it (mostly because of the imbecilic repetition of hugh and ineburated.

Yea, six to eight cars at an address is definitely a party (where are you from?). [that's just my boys, you might say. Yes, it is; your boys at a party.]

I wonder if the conservation saved anything important: trees, whales, soil, loggerhead turtles?

BTW, a little punctuation here and there might help it all.
And what is it that we're supposed to think about with such strong emphasis at the end (no fewer than 3 exclamation points)?

Penultimately, a 25 mg tab won’t get me through 4 hours; how do those elephants do it?

And, finally, maybe 1 of 2 ideas: respond sober, or edit carefully (just like I did).


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