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"partying paramedics"

I think the local news media should probably learn how to check facts before running a story. Shame on you for not doing your job thoroughly. I am in no way associated with this situation other than I know those involved, but I do know there are several fallacies in the above story. One, the party was not on the 13th. It was held on the 7th. Second, the initial complaint was not made until the 13th, hmmm wonder why it took them 6 days to file a complaint? Third, I am appalled that you would report in the manner you have, " controlled substances" leads the normal everyday common person to believe they were using illegal drugs. Phenergan, although a prescription medication, is in no way a drug used to get high.

I just want to point out that if these emts/firefighters and law enforcement officers did their jobs as poorly as you have done yours in the writing if this article, they would surely not have their jobs long. Also, isn't the media supposed to report news unbiased and factual? Well I sure would like to know the other side of this story, like the fact that the town of Oak Island did an investigation and found that the Neighbors were not guilty of wrong doing. Or the fact that whoever made the complaint was at this party and waited 6 days to say they had a concern with the events. I certainly could have slept better not having read what amounts to the roasting of good people because of bad judgement from your biased, half fact story!


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