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If you had at one time or

If you had at one time or are currently walked in their shoes then you would know the stress of the job. It is great that you can handle yourself appropriately, bravo! Now my question is did you actually read the news articles on this issue or is this a personal vendetta? Let's review the facts as stated by our fabulous media. One- Mr and Mrs Neighbors threw a party, not an illegal activity. Two there was alcohol present at said party, again not illegal. In the above mentioned article it clearly states that neither Mr or Mrs Neighbors was on the receiving or administering end of the IV or medication. Three- there was an investigation into the initial complaint and Mr as well as Mrs Neighbors were cleared of any illegal activity. Now let's review the facts as you state them. One- there was a party, not illegal. Two- Mr and Mrs Neighbors posted about it on facebook, again not illegal. Three- they should be fired and burned at the stake because they threw a party and someone at that party got so drunk they got sick so someone else decided to try and HELP that person and gave them an iV with an anti nausea medication, yes illegal, however, not the actions of those you wish to persecute. I am left wondering how you know so much about Mr and Mrs Nighbors and why it is you have decided to start a witch hunt geared toward ruining them?


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