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Honestly no one knows for sure what happened and im not taking up for nobody but until you know for sure the facts i would not JUDGE anybody! I wonder how many people on this EARTH when they are not working anywhere and has a day or weekend off is drinking. Ok if people judge others because they were drinking knowing they do it theirself i don't SEE where that is right!!!! Now the IV part i dont know about nobody does!!! It seems like every little thing that is a rumor or truth people jump to conclusions without knowing for a FACT if it is really TRUE or NOT!!!!! So i would not judge on worrying about your life while they are working Because they are OFF DUTY not on the job drunk and trying to help people. If anybody saw where they were working while this happened please let me know cause i know i sure aint blind. Also if you get mad about what somebody wrote on here don't take a mistake on their spelling and try to use it just don't help matters!


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