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Good Points

But remember, on both a state and national level, the current administrations have saddled the voting taxpayers with back breaking debts, a weakened dollar, and projected budget deficits in the billions and trillions.

So the Republicans assume control of both houses. And then their work begins. Overcome those three obstacles. Work with an ineffective, inexperienced, out of touch with reality Government head -- both on a national and state level. Make the cuts in programs and entitlements which should have been made over the past 6 years -- and don't lay that one on Bush -- he was dealing with a Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid led House and Senate -- and her Majesty just picked up where Mike Easley left off.

So while the Republicans put forth programs to reduce the cost and size of government and perhaps put a few entitlement recipients to work and taken off the government dole, what will the Democrats do?

Will they accept responsibility and accountability that goes with putting our great Country and State in the quagmire we are in?

NO -- they'll appeal to all those entitlement leaches for votes in the next election noting they would not have made cuts in give away programs had they been re-elected.

And those dollar sucking leaches will listen.

Add to that the Annointed One's hope for amnesty on all of the illegal, undocumented inhabitants of our country; its' pretty plain he views this as the issue which will breath life into whatever hope he thinks he has for re-election in 2 years. Look at all those new Democratic voters if he can somehow push this through.


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