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Had you taken someone with no knowledge about this race to the debate tonight and asked them which one was the Congressman; they would have guessed that it was Ilario Pantano. Pantano clearly held the superior grasp on the data that was discussed. He showed poise and confidence.

McIntyre was visibly shaken. His ineptitude was obvious and his performance appeared dismally adolescent. I would have expected a 14 year Congressman to control the tone of any debate, especially one against a political newcomer.

At times, McIntyre's answers even angered the crowd. In his closing remarks, he referred to Ilario Pantano as "a no man, with no plan".
Again, Mike made bad choice. Pantano supporters outnumbered McIntyre supporters by at least three to one. In essence, Mike had said that we have selected a "no" man, with "no plan" as our candidate.

Sorry Mike, you're wrong again. We have a plan. We plan to move you out from under Nancy Pelosi's skirt and away from Washington. We plan on sending a man that can make the hard choices. A man that doesn't mind ruffling feathers, when it's the right thing to do. A man that has put his money where his mouth is on term limits.

For those who missed the debate, you missed watching democracy in action. Be sure to watch the video and remember to VOTE.


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