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ok come on now im NOT taking up for either one but don't let what one person tries to make himself look better (by finding a fault in the other person) after judgement, on whose better. im not saying either one of them is better ok! but honestly its up who helps better in the community to benefit us and its nothing but politics. As soon as a politician finds a weak spot of course he is going to go for it and who wouldnt. This is one reason WHY i don't vote. You never see the real true side of a politician until they get into office and do not do a thing. Why do you think we are all still in a bad economy now????!!!!!???? It just keeps going from one politician to the next is all. Trust me im not taking up for either one. This all just SEEMS to always be focusing on what the people want but sadly i have HARDLY seen the people get what they want or need!


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