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It is beyond belief that a

It is beyond belief that a Democratic Party authority would still continue the false impression that Pantano desires to RAISE TAXES after the disclosure of the mis-representations in the McIintyre ad from several weeks ago.

Pantano worked for Goldman out of college... YEARS before any bailout funds were distributed to it. All the Democrats are trying to accomplish with the repetition of this slur is to demonize Pantano by former association. Keep in mind that the bailout funds would NEVER have been paid but for Democratic complicity. Don't forget that the Democratic Party has controlled BOTH houses of Congress since January, 2007.

As to the privatization of Social Security neither the Democrats or the Republicans have been truly effective in stating a case for or against this. Neither party has discussed the cost savings to the TAXPAYERS (remember them?) if the program were to be placed in the hands of skilled money managers. How many government bureaucrats are on the taxpayer payroll handling this violated trust fund now?

Finally, this is the second term beyond Congressman McIntyre's self imposed term limit of six terms.


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