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Keeping our tax dollars here and Credentials

You say that McIntyre has worked so hard to keep our tax dollars here.. I think that Ilario Pantano thinks that if we're smart enough to earn the money, then we're smart enough to know what to do with it without it having to go to Washington so a great big 'ole check can be presented.
Pantano has no credentials you say. How about an Economics degree, not a career as a trial lawyer? How about working a Wall Street job, so he knows how Wall St and Corporations do business? How about meeting a payroll as a small business owner? How about putting his life on the line as a US Marine and walking into battle for our freedom? How about getting a law enforcement certificate so he can see what really goes on after dark in areas a lot of people don't want to walk through? How about working as a disaster volunteer in the aftermath of Katrina? How about standing up against the Ground Zero Mosque?
Is this the lack of credentials you speak of? What else could you want?!?


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