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McIntyre or Pantano

I am a 36 year old highly educated caucasion male (NC's new minority)from Wilson, NC. I have worked in education for the State of NC at the Comm. College level for some time now. My mother is an educator and my father has retired from Big Tobacco. I remember my conservative way of life during the Jesse Helms years. I miss them terribly!!! Schools were safe, there were employment opportunities, traditional CHRISTIAN values were a way of life, and people like myself were alowed to be human and dream of a better future. My grandfather would tell me the key to success was to, "get and education, be a God fearing man, and not to be afraid to put in a hard days work". Well, I have done those things to the best of my ability; only to see other parasitic entities (progressives) feed off of my virtues as well as the Federal and State Taxes I have paid. For the majority of my adult life I have had to walk upon egg-shells and monitor my political and moral opinions due to the fear of being labeled by the "progressive" liberal agenda that has slowly degraded what use to make this nation so great. I did so relunctantly for self preservation. I am not a racist because I feel there is no longer a need for certain entitlement programs; I am not a bigot because I feel a marriage should be between a man and a woman; I am not a greedy elitist because I believe capitalism works. No longer will I be silent! It is time for for people like myself to stand up for what they believe in, to have a voice, not to be discounted as close- minded insignificants or yesteryear who are afraid of change. Yes, at one time our country needed change. I ask you, how much change is enough? Should my children forgo an education so others with minority status can attend our institutions for free, be afraid to bow their heads in silent prayer in public, or to be ashamed to adhere to their grandparents traditional values. It is time for us to come together as one and end this liberal wave of idealogs from further destroying this country with their radical philosophies. Please vote your heart in the upcoming elections and not what our current "progressive" society of liberalism has dictated to you as being the greater good. Ask youself, Do you see progress around you? Is our social and financial climate better off today as it was 20 years ago? Are we really satisfied with the current culture of our youth? Take a good look around you. Is this what you intended this country to be? Progressive means the advancement toward a better life for everyone. It sounds good and looks good on paper. History has demonstrated otherwise. Study in school and seek an advanced degree, work hard everyday you are able, begin a family and live responsibly, be a lawful citizen. Are you willing to do these things in order for those who chose to do otherwise to live the same neighborhood, drive the same car, take the same vacation, wear the same clothes, eat at the same restaurants, and retire with the same benifits. Where is the incentive in that?

Thomas Jefferson wrote: "All men are created equal.... We have a right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...."

The key to this is we have a right to the PURSUIT happiness through the choices we make throughout our life.

We are not ENTITLED or GUARANTEED happiness.


---------------------VOTE PANTANO---------------------------


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