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A little hasty to have this story hushed arent you?


You are blabbering about bad PR and seem to want this covered up. I find that very disturbing. Did you know Leanne? The facts need to be presented as quickly as possible, so if you know something new that we do not, please contact the police department.
-- there was no doubt in their mind when this story released that Leanne was a Kure Beach resident who was a hard worker at a local business and a dear fried to many people...they knew this because...
-- appropriately, they spoke to those of us closest to her to quickly get the basic facts of her and her life down on record.
-- inappropriately, they've released the 911 call, however it allows valuable clues to be understood by the public...the public does not only include people she did not know, but it also includes US who know her and have been a part of her life.
-- the 911 call could trigger someone who might KNOW something and go to the authorities.
-- you have no right even typing the words drug related, accident or otherwise unless you have the facts. You are just feeding the speculations.
-- No one wants to think that our beloved beach could be dangerous, but as a female, I'd like to KNOW these things for me and any other female (or male for that matter) who is moving about the beach to be a bit more cautious.
-- Had they waited until the medical examiners are done reporting, the story would be cold, forgotten or otherwise swept under the rug. Do realize these reports could take up to a month. Possibly hot leads are gone by then...the only way to find truth is to find it immediately. considering the police werent standing right there when it happened, they need to depend on the public to come forward.
-- And as far as your need for motive, reason and cause of death before reporting...well, um...again, unless the public and community is aware, that may never be known and possibly a guilty party will run free to feast on another innocent life. To err on the side of caution is a key factor in preservation of life.
-- I have to say, WECT outclassed WWAY on this story...sad but the news reporters are doing what they've done all along, reporting news...THAT wont change. The WAY they report is another matter.
-- I understand you probably have no idea who she was...who's lives she's impacted, how she made life a better place for others, how loving and caring she have no idea who you are talking about, so unless this person has wiped your tears, or has put thier arms around you and said it will be ok...then I'd say you probably outta let the authorities do what they can to allow closure and healing, and to let her rest in absolute peace.
-- Sensitivity for others would be a very nice...thank you.


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