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to the parents of this child

To the parents of this child,
If you are reading this, please help your child to find one good freind. If she has one good freind it will help the pain that she is going through. I went through this with my daughter in middle school, and the school would do absolutely nothing. The girls that were threating her all had really good grades and were the apple of many teachers eyes. My child's grades were slacking, because she could not concentrate in school, with the threats, comments, rumors, ect..
I put her in counseling, but that only helped to talk about her feelings it did not help make the daily tauntings to stop.
As a parent it is heart breaking, when you see your child go through this, the feelings range from sadness to wanting to go kick someones butt yourself. I watched my beautiful always confident daughter become someone who never smiled, had low self esteem, and poor grades, just because some girls told her she was fat/ugly/ ect..She really wanted to die, and hated school and herself.
Through time i found that arranging plently of time for afterschool/weekend activities, with one close freind..really helped her...and then with that one close friend, more joined thier group. She is now in High School and doing well. While she will never be little miss popular, that is not one of her goals. She gets good grades, has many freinds, and basically enjoys life. Her self confidence has grown so much that she is always smiling, carries herself with pride,and stands up for anyone she feels is being mistreated.
Just a bit of advice, it wont solve your problem, but help her seek out that one other girl that could really be her best ally through this.


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