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While I do not agree with condoning someone being physically attacked, nor should they be harassed harmfully by others; making a huge deal out of "bullying" in the schools needs to stop. This seems all to much to be the "New Big Complaint" right now, a fad so to speak. Every year or so, a new big issue is bought forward and new excuses for why some can't cope, or are not helped to cope and get along in the world are made. And even worse, the parents are throwing blame on any source but themselves. This is reaching a ridiculous point. These children have other issues at hand. It seems as if some parents are looking for reasons to blame others for what they perceive as some else's in their child is being bullied. For centuries, children were raised and taught how to get along day to day, whether it be doing task, or how to speak and interact with others. There have always been the "bad kids" in school. They were the ones for what ever reason, "picked" on others. When this would crescendo into a situation that could not be dealt with peer to peer in school, the school staff would intervene. Parents or guardians would be called in or visited at home, there was a consequence for the guilty bully, and also one for the one complaining--- if they in fact were accusing someone unjustly. They may have provoked the situation for the soothing attention and the pity party they will get. Making a big deal out of it in the paper and on the news only fuels more incidents like this. What child would not like to know he drew so much attention? With the understanding that the facts are often present by the media sources as truth, you don't know all of the facts. In a nut shell, people need to quit this attitude of entitlement, and airing these issues in the news. There are a chosen crowd who are just looking for a reason to sue, complain and be compensated monetarily for things that are more and more just stupid. It all begins in the home, what in the world is wrong with the world, when you blame and blame the outside world for what you are not doing as a parent? What ever happened to teaching your children how to respect others, be accountable for your actions, be trustworthy, and you the parent being the TEACHER? What are we teaching these kids with this issue??? We are teaching them how to be dependent and an emotional cripple when it comes to living life...and these kids are just getting started. Wake up.


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