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In response to you: there may be underlying problems here, but bullying needs to be taken seriously. Most responses to this are positive - yours is a stupid response and probably comes from someone who probably bullied others.

I am in my 50's and was raised when bullying went on. I experienced some bullying but it was not of the kind that goes on today. Some of these kids are vicious and alot of it comes from the music, the videos, the movies and the tv shows they watch. Alot won't agree with me on that, but statistics show it is true. The internet has also given them an anonymous venue that they can use to spew their hatred and viciousness from.

Any parent that has a child experiencing bullying needs to pay attention and seek out answers. Perhaps it is something simple that can be dealt with, but as you see in the news everyday some of it escalates into worse.

Parents pay attention! If you see signs that your child is bullying, don't laugh it off as kid stuff. It is not kid stuff any more. It is not acceptable to bully anyone for any reason and this must be dealt with firmly and speedily.


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