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I was bullied during all my years of middle school and a bit my freshman and junior years of high school. My friends and I were surrounded by a group of kids and they screamed at us, and hit us with rocks and sticks. They screamed at us, called us freaks, told us to go die, go to hell, and that the world would be better off without us. There were at least 20 children surrounding us in a circle, some laughing at our fear and despair. All watching with some sort of sick amusement. We told the school counselor what happened, what they did to us and named just about everyone that was present. The school did nothing to punish those individuals (god forbid they should punish the cheerleaders and members of the football team). Instead they called my friends and I into the office and threatened to call our parents. They said we were disturbed, morbid children. We BEGGED them not to tell our parents. I know I was scared that my step Mom would think I was a freak and it seemed I was always a bother to my father, I didn't want to cause him any stress. They didn't call our parents and the teasing continued ENDLESSLY for the next three years. The school did NOTHING to protect three scared and hurt girls. We felt like everything they told us was true, that we were freaks and, maybe the world would be better off without us. One of my friends attempted an overdose of her Mom's pain meds in order to escape the pain while another turned to art, poetry, and self mutilation. I turned to marijuana and my sketchbook for my escape. Now, years later, I am free of the drugs and the ghosts of my tortured childhood haunt me no longer, the nightmares I had almost every night are finally gone. However, it sickens me that schools all over the country continue to do to hundreds of children what my school did to me. This should not be allowed to continue, schools should lose more than their funding. Principals and teachers should be fired for there utter failure to protect children from the likes of their hateful counterparts.


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