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Well, that's certainly a double standard...

Ilario Pantano worked for Goldman Sachs, was proud of it, left, and then started bashing them after they came under investigation for a corporate culture that led to all sorts of fraudulent activities and helped cause a recession. But because he decided after working there for a while that he didn't want to work there anymore, he's completely off the hook... even though he favors a Social Security plan that would give billions of dollars in commissions to Goldman Sachs.

Meanwhile, Mike McIntyre opposed Pelosi's leadership bid in the caucus, then voted for her on the floor once she was a lock to win to protect his committee assignments and local funding, then voted against her on all of the post-2008 bills that people are mad about because he decided he didn't like the agenda she pushed once Obama got elected... and that's somehow different?

Both of them associated themselves with people and groups that have come under fire in recent years, for specific things neither one personally contributed to, and both repudiate them now. Either they're both guilty by association, or they aren't. You can't have it both ways.

The real issue here is that Mr. Pantano knows how strong Congressman McIntyre's record is... they don't disagree on that much, and the very few issues that they do significantly differ on are issues where locals generally support Congressman McIntyre's position. So Mr. Pantano has decided to run against Nancy Pelosi instead. But seeing as how our district represents roughly 0.2% of the speaker vote (and Speaker Pelosi has virtually zero hope of winning a third speaker term, anyway), I'm at a loss as to why it is anyone from Southeastern North Carolina - regardless of their opinion on Mrs. Pelosi - would vote for Mr. Pantano.


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