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How could I not vote for Pantano?

How could I not vote for Pantano? One day, I will have to explain to my son that America was attacked...and I did nothing. I sent a check to the victims from the comforts of my home. Pantano reenlisted. That was the patriotism my Grandfather bestowed to me. The real war is here in the United States. Against Progressive policies that are by definition...Socialism. I do not believe that the Government can fix anything. Early voting is an exercise in what freedom is up against. The massive infrastructure (New Hanover County Gov Complex) of government is choking the citizens. I pay $5500 a year in property taxes. For what? Furthermore, I called McIntyre's office before the 2008 election, demanding citizenship confirmation of POTUS. His staff scoffed at the very notion. Who is scoffing now. Simple logic...produce the Birth Certificate. Due Diligence is required. Examine the facts. Their battle plan is one of distraction, making fun of Birthers. But debate them on the facts, and they get real sensitive. And therein lies the problem with voting for a Democrat in 2010. Power has destroyed their Principles. A President is in office that we cannot(disallowed) verify his status. A Congress is in office that jams legislation down our throats (Healthcare, Cap&Trade, GaysMilitary, Estate Taxes) without debate or public opinion. Judges that legislate on the bench. I have learned my lesson. I will never vote for a Democrat again. Pantano, I am awake now. Let's open fire on these Progressives.


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