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Perception is everything!

I have to question the INTEGRITY of the vote ! I particpated in early voting on Thursday and I am a little upset with this current news. It is a given that the large turnout is due to the displeasure a MAJORITY of the American people have with the Democrats and Obama . THIS ELECTION IS A REFERUNDUM ON OBAMA ! Election officials know that those people eager to vote are Republicans and Independents like myself.Even if there was no intent on tampering with the vote , you now have a PERCEPTION issue with voters who have lost confidence in your PRIMARY duty . Properly administering the vote. With the amount of money invested in elections , why no paper receipt ?!!! On an unrelated matter, why do you not check the identification of the voter . I could come back and vote numerous times for people I know are registered voters !!!! You had a credibility issue prior to not being able to administer the vote properly through failure to calibrate the machine but what do you expect from INCOMPETENT and NONPARTISAN ( HAHAHA !!! )board of election officials .


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