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It is amazing that all these

It is amazing that all these 'glitches' seem to favor the Dems. The big issue I see again is the integrity of the system. I am a computer programmer. It would not be difficult at all to have the voting machine screen display back to you the vote you actually intended but log the vote differently.

What needs to happen is a full audit of the software from a random sampling of voting machines by a panel of people on all sides of the political spectrum.

Lets see: felons can vote but the military cant get their balots in time to vote; evidence of citizenship is prohibited; Black Panthers can intimidate voters with no consequences but what if it was a white extremist group; school kids are rewarded if they vote early for Dems; no checks and balances to insure a person doesn't vote multiple times (if you are a Dem); voter registrations are not purged of dead or relocated people; voter ID is illegal because it keeps people from voting using the names of people that should have been purged from the voter rolls; etc. etc. etc.

And all these 'irregularities' are 'protected' by the Dems from the evil Republicans. Anyone see a pattern? I am sure voter machine fraud will be proven and then protected by the Dems on the claims that the machines disenfranchises the poor and elderly that would have voted Democrat. Therefore we must vote for them in order to count their votes.

WOW! Is it ever time for a revolution?!


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