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My prayers go out to this young woman, her friend who was also hospitalized, and to Louis' family and friends as they mourn his life cut short. This is a sad story for all involved. I wish people would recognize this.

I would also be remiss not to add my concern about Ms. Winslow's cold, and loose reporting style reflected in this article. She has no right to bring Louis' "rap sheet" into the story unless there is evidence that his previous behavior has, or had, anything to do with the tragedy of saturday night's accident. This article goes beyond the reporting of facts relevant to a story and unfortunately reflects Ms. Winslow's feable attempt to play detective. Ms. Winslow, leave it to the police to put 2 and 2 together. And mr. or mrs. "commonsense...", lighten up, have a heart, and remember that people's lives are more than just story lines. And "trashy people?" Seriously? I pity you.


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