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No right to bring up the rap sheet? you think that the driver's record, with a charge LESS THAN 3 WEEKS ago for hit and run, isn't relevant? I would say it's totally germane. There is a clear pattern of behaviors. Why this is news is because this was a guy who was bent on destruction. Moreover, his passengers were caught up in extremely self destructive behaviors. This wasn't an accident. Accidents happen when everyone involved is doing what they are supposed to be doing. This was an inevitable result of a litany of poor behaviors. Now a man is dead. One person may still be dead. Another, potentially maimed. This is news because this is story that needs to be told. If people don't take seriously the consequences of their actions, it can get worse. Maybe the law won't catch them, but a road sign or an overdose could make an impact.

It is harsh to call the dead man trashy. What, in that long list of charges on his record, shows him to be a great guy? I wouldn't want him driving my daughter around. I wouldn't trust him to manage my cash register. What in that list of misdeeds tells you he had a bright future? We can only hope that he was more careful with his sperm than he was with his driving.


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