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Another Thought

This was a senseless tragedy that could have been avoided if the courts would do their duty.

I pray for all of the families involved. I feel I have a unique perspective regarding this type of situation as my daughter was killed as the result of the actions of an impaired driver in May 2010. We need to realize that some drivers will not change their behavior and will continue with their irresponsible actions, both on the road and off. This gentleman, as well as the one who killed my daughter had extensive records. Where were the Courts?

The warnings were there.It was just a matter of "when".

In Mr. Canino's case he crossed the center line and struck guardrails.
In my daughter's case the driver crossed the center line and struck her head-on. There were no skid marks as she didn't have time to react and was killed instantly.

I believe public safety trumps the rights of those who commit these acts. I am not judging their soul or lifestyle, only their actions.

That is the only thing that matters.....

I have learned a lot since my daughter's death regarding how the legal system works. These drivers continually have serious cases dismissed. I have been told by those in the courts that the caseload is so excessive that these drivers fall through the cracks.

Our out rage and anger should also be focused on a legal system that allows these drivers to be on our roads. Any one of you reading this can have a loved one or family member killed by one of these drivers.
You pass them on the road every day.

As for what we can do, I can only say that my daughter's killer will go to trial in Brunswick County next year. I will insist that no plea bargaining occur and the killer have a jury trial. I will also notify all local News media as to what is happening during the trial and the ruling of the presiding judge. If they continue to release these irresponsible drivers they need to be held accountable. That is at the ballot box and through legal means if necessary.I will also work to change our laws to keep the drivers off of our roads and have them serve jail time if necessary.

Nothing will bring my daughter back. I will do what I can to see her death helps tighten these laws as well as see that justice is served to those who's life is devastated by these reckless drivers.

Are you with me?


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