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First of all

Louis Canino was an amazing person, and a close friend of mine. It is seriously sicking to read what some of you post about this tragic accident. Has a majority of you people never made a mistake? Louis did not plan this, yes hes made some poor choices in his past but is having his mugshot up here and listing all of his charges even relevant to the situation?! Dont some of you have anything better to do, then to sit here and talk crap about a person who has recently lost their life?! I understand some of you have there own opinions on the situation but there is obviously a reason behind his mistakes. Dont you think that louis and the two girls know they havent made the best of decisions, and i can assure you that talking crap about them is NOT going to change things...if you want to see an improvement in our local teenagers and dont want this to happen to your children then maybe all of you should try and be a little bit more understanding. You all should have more compasion for these 3 peoples parents and families..There is more to a person then there criminal record and or mistakes. Louis and his family are in my prayers and blessings. R.I.P Louis James Canino <3


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