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Governor Groupie

What's this obsession regarding "anything Hollywood?" (Or should I say "anything Willywood?") We need the governor HERSELF to introduce even the tiniest news about film productions or tax incentives? She has to PERSONALLY attend any meeting on incentives...and most of those meetings suddenly need to be on the West Coast?

I can picture she and Dick Powell in some early Busby Berkeley number....I can hear them singing now.....

DICK: So tell me all about your state.

BEV: We make MOVIES!

DICK: But don't you also grow and cattle?

BEV: We make MOVIES!

DICK: But isn't bio-med really big...and don't you make billions off the pig?


BOTH (with chorus):

Hooray for Wilmington! We bribe the stars so they will gladly come.

Where every waiter down on College Road has a screenplay to be sold, even though he dropped out at ten,

..and every salesgirl in Mayfaire and Westfield knows that she could be the next de Havilland!

Hooray for Wilmington....

I've got a twenty that says the ship of state drops anchor every night at ten minutes to seven and she's kicked back, legs up on the coffee table, flipping through People Magazine and waiting for her most important event of the day. The unemployment might top twelve percent, we might suddenly find another billion missing from the budget, but by God, NOTHING is going to cause her to miss Entertainment Tonight!


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