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So you want your welfare check too, right?

Wake up call! Verizon, GE, Corning, PPD, the studio....NONE of them should be receiving ANY special treatment. Titan offers one of the worst examples of this folly! There was no need to give them a dime! They want that fossiliforous limestone of the Castle Hayne aquifer. That's like heroin to a junkie for a cement plant. But we needed to give them millions of dollars? Where were they going to go?

Bribing corporations and production companies is NOT a function of government. It is corporate welfare at its worst, and the problem that all you filmy people turn a blind eye to is that the bidding just keeps getting higher and higher, and crazier and crazier.

Let's look at one example: Do you think that you can compete against Louisiana in the short term? No way, and here's why. THEY are in the cat-bird seat for the immediate future because the billions they are receiving from the Gulf oil spill. That's going to enable them to raise their incentives without any financial consequence at all. Baton Rouge already has the money to increase their film bribes.

So pretty soon, Georgia, Canada, and North Carolina are going to be grumbling even louder about Louisiana, while filmy lobbyists march on their state/government houses demanding that incentives be raised to at least equal Louisiana.

IT NEVER ENDS, it's costing a financially broke state money it needs, the local money they spend while in town circulates in a very small pool of the exact same people....but as long as you've got a piece of that sugar-teat in your mouth, it's not a problem, right?


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