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They may have $1600 collectively but it is the information they can and hopefully will provide that will be priceless! See you need a little something called evidence and probable cause before conducting searches and making arrests. These street level dealers will "deal" their way out of prison time by forgoing the information needed to get the big boys/gals! New Hanover County has done it many times before. In fact, several major players are sitting in federal prison as a result of busting a bunch of little players. Besides, how much money would you want the county to spend to get every little bit of dope out of your family members hands. All it takes is one crack rock left laying around at some park and you will be complaining that the police did nothing to prevent your son, daughter, neice or grandchild from dying. Big level players don't play at the park, they play safely from the comfort of their nice houses and fancy cars!


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