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I left the polls a few minutes ago. Pantano got my vote. Why????

McIntyre is so desperate that he has bought some very disgusting ads. The ads about the 23% tax and the Social Security privatizing brought me over the edge. I have always voted for McIntyre, but not this time.

He has stooped too low for me to support him ever again.

He is getting desperate to buy such ads. This is dirty politics at its worst. I can understand his despertion but I can't understand his lieing, truth distorting ads.

Tell the truth and let the voters decide with truthful facts, not distorting your opponent's discussions with the public. I have lost a lot of respect for politicians in general due to such distortions.

I hope that Mike will concede the election when he holds his news conference tomorrow and save his pride. He has done a lot of good to this area but he is fast losing his credibility by the type ads he is producing. People can see through it. I'm a dummy but I can see his desperation. It is too late to save his credibility now, in my opinion.


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