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I am voting for a "Change"

In 2008 Obama ran his campaign on change. People flooded to the voting booths because this man was going to change America and they couldn't wait for him to be voted in and get into office. Bush was no where close to being a good President. He increased the size of our government. He increased the National Debt. Well, since Obama has been in office he has been able to accomplish the feat of running our debt up to what is equal to the amount of debt America had from 1776 until 1990. He and Pelosi were able to pass a healthcare bill, even though they stated in advance that in order to see what is in the bill we will have to pass it first, then we will tell you what is in it. My thoughts to this is: to everyone that stood behind this, I have legal documents I want you to sign, but in order for you to know what is in them you have to sign them first, then I will let you know the details of what you just signed.

In this election I have a different plan. In the last election I voted against Obama and his democrats line of dog squeeze they called "change". This time I AM voting for "change". For a "change" from what we currently have in office now, from the bottom office to the top office. And a word to the Republicans. If you get elected and joust enough Democrats from office to have a majority, YOU BETTER DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME!!!! Not like what we had before Obama, and certainly not by following him and Pelosi. Remember this, we may be able to put you back in office, but we can also take you back out too if you don't do it right this time!


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