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That's interesting. I was a

That's interesting. I was a registered Republican, and switched to Una so I could vote for Butler. The board we've had here for the past 25+ years has been Republican - and look what they've done. The corruption, the secret meetings, the good old boy system. Why would we want the same old same old again? I switched so I could have a say- I'm voting for Pantano cause I don't like MIKE, I am voting for Dawson cause I think there needs to be a change in Raleigh. I don't know about Goolsby, it doesn't seem like he needs my vote, so I will probably sit that one out. I will probably vote for Marshall, cause Burr has been there. And finally I will be voting for Butler and Berger because I believe the two of them are as different as anything our County Board has ever seen- and I think that will favor the people...not the same old good old boy network that Causey was defending yesterday and Catlin wouldn't take a stand against today.

The tax increase that was just enacted was done so by Republicans. The quarter cent sales tax was put forth by Republicans- and voted on by Republicans and Una's alike- because we believed it would NOT lead to a property tax increase. Tax and spend liberals exist - but here locally we have tax and slap on the back pass the buck to us, Republicans in control of tax dollars and I'm tired of it.


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