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You think so !

Absolutely , the Wilmington area is headed in the wrong direction ! When you have 12 to 15 percent voter turnout for city and county elections over the past several years , there is no need in complaining. With Bill Saffo and Company forcefully annexing people and building a doomed convention center , in an industry that is dying and the county finance director making multi-million dollar budget mistake with no repurcussions for him personally and giving you the beloved Cape Fear Utility Authority , I am sure people are feeling a little down. Much of the pain has been self inflicted by the local electorate being uninformed and distracted by trivial issues . When it starts to hit you in the pocket book is when the uninformed and uninvolved start to complain. Many were forewarned about pocketbook issues by conservative news sources in the local area.A majority of folks continue to vote the same RETREADS back in office and expect a different outcome . It should be clear that local elected officials are not responsible stewards of taxpayer money. They are okay with spending your money without discipline. With public funds scarce, expect them to continue to lean on you to finance their pet projects


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