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tell me how

You say over and over again that Mike has helped southeastern NC. You never gave any proff as to how he has helped us. I have lived in southeastern NC for 53 years, and I know how thigs are here. Mike says Pantano is going to take away our Social Security and put it in the stock market. Do you believe this is true? Mike says Pantano is going to raise our income tax by 23 %, do you believe this is true? On Social Security Pantano wants to take a few percent and invest it in the stock market, that is true, but what Mike doesn't tell you is this is only for people under 50 years old, and he also doesn't tell you the amount invested in the stock market is guaranteed by the government to never fall below 3 % interest no matter how low the stock market may drop. AND when you die, this money is passed on down to your hiers. Does this happen with Social Security, or is 255 dollars all your hiers get? With the income tax, Mike doesn't tell you that when the 23 % income tax comes into play that all other income taxes are dropped. You pay 23 % of what you spend instead of 35 % of what you earn, which would you rather do? Plus you will get a check each month equal to what the tax would be for essentials items needed, and that amount will be determined by the number in your family. Mike has a way of telling you only part of the story and he hopes the ones listening are stupid enough to think that is the whole story. I will NOT vote for Mike.


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