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Even that won't work

As long as people are financially rewarded for breeding irresponsibly, they will continue to view childbirth as a money-making opportunity. What does another mouth to feed mean to many people? Another Medicaid card...a bigger apartment in public housing...a larger food voucher allowance...and all too often, an extension in TANF, Work First, and all those programs that were SUPPOSED to eliminate permanent welfare, but have been subjected to a million loopholes.

What we need is to do away with a tax system based upon income and dependencies and then place an absolute, firm cap of two years on TANF, Medicaid, free childcare, and Public/Section 8 housing. After that, let their families or charities take care of them...or let them fend for themselves.

We have institutionalized lazy, incompetent, life mis-management. When someone screws up again and again and again we immediately reach for the checkbook instead of holding them down and forcibly sterilizing them.


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