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Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

You must be like Ben David. Just about every question you asked can be answered if you would take 5 minutes to look on Pantano's website:

As far as campaign financing, Ilario wrote a best-selling book; he has funded most of the campaign with his own money. Where is Mike getting his money from? A US congressman doesn't make that much money to run the amount of TV ads that he has. He's got to be getting under-the-table financing to keep the airwaves plastered with his ads. The DNC has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last couple of months trying to boost McIntyre in the area with a lot of sleazy ads. He says Pantano will eliminate social security, even though Mike has supported many pieces of legislation that drained the SS trust fund. Fact is, anyone younger than 30 will likely never see a dime of SS, so I'm all for phasing it out or giving younger generations a chance to entrust their retirement to something more than a ponzi scheme.

McIntyre promised that he would self-enforce a term limit on himself when he first ran for office. I guess that's what happens when you stay in Washington too long; you forsake your principles and renege on promises. And if anyone is a "puppet", it's Mike. He's a senior whip, which means he's responsible to cajole his fellow congressmen to vote how Nancy tells him to, which he has for the most part.

If Mike wins, it's just going to be more of the same. I've lived in Wilmington my whole life and I can say that things around here hasn't gotten any better because of Mike. Pantano has some fresh ideas to help get the economy and the country back on track. If he turns out not to do so well in Washington, then we can re-elect Mike the next time around. I'm willing to take the "risk" to try and break our district out of economic mediocrity.


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