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Why Do Democrats Have to Cheat To Win????

"According to the latest filings from the Federal Election Commission, from 01/01/2009 to 10/13/2010, 90% of Pantano's contributions are coming from individuals.

Mike McIntyre, on the other hand, from 01/01/2009 to 10/13/2010, has raked in over $1 million, and well over half of it has come from various unions and Wall Street corporations.

Other than Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama, who does Mike work for?"

Question: Why do the Democrats always have to cheat in elections to win? More and more reports of election "glitches' and fraud that favor the Democrats 100% of the time!

Why can't they win on their own ideas? SEIU can swing an election if it comes within a 4% margin. Guess who is McIntyre's BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR for the 14 years he's been in office. SEIU.

Yeah, there's cheating going on. And it McIntyre has to cheat to win, he's a criminal that needs jailin'.


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