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The investigation found out

The investigation found out after the fact that the enemy was unarmed. It is a bit too late to wait until one finds out if the enemy is unarmed before firing. I admire Pantano for doing what soldiers do: Kill the enemy!! Personally, I thank him for shooting to kill. Soldiers don't have time to search the enemy before determining that they are unarmed. Shoot first! Then you can go home alive.

This has been blown so out of proportion. No soldier or marine takes the time to search the enemy to determine of he is a danger unless they have a white flag of surrender. When I was in the military, I was taught to protect myself by firing my weapon at the enemy. I didn't have time to determine if the enemy was armed or not. That is what was is about. Kill the enemy unless he is surrendering. The white flag has been the sign of surrender since Roman days. Otherwise, have at it.

We need to let this dead dog lye. He did his job. He was exonerated. What is your problem? Marines shoot to kill. That is what they are trained to do.


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