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Okay, let's compromise

If you don't pay income taxes, you don't get to vote. That way we weed out the deadbeats who are on the dole.

The Democrat Party has been keeping poor Blacks (and Whites) in chains since LBJ and The War on Poverty. They destroyed three generations of poor Americans via endless welfare and requiring families to break up to maximize benefits.

The problem is not Blacks. The problem is moochers of all colors who are sucking the system dry while contributing absolutely nothing but additional mouths for taxpayers to feed, and their looter political pals who want to insure a "confortable slavery" in return for the vote.

Unfortunately, the gravy train is running dry. We can't have 48% of this country contribute nothing and continue to sponge off the other 52%, as it is right now.

So if you are a working, tax-paying, successful Black, then you should be just as outraged as we Conservatives are - because you're being played for a sucker, too.


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