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Lie-fest 2010 Continues

Have you seen the newest anti-McIntyre commercial from the RNC? It starts off on 100% solid ground, accurately telling how Congress' continued looting of the Social Security Trust Fund constitutes a greater risk to social security recipients than anything else.

Then in a quick switch from fact to bovine droppings, it tries to blame McIntyre for the fact that 2011 will be the second year in a row with no COLA for social security recipients. Anyone with a brain knows that COLA is tied to the Consumer Price Index, and no increase in CPI equals no COLA. Trying to connect that to McIntyre is ridiculous.

I think we can already sense a trend here - regardless of who wins next Tuesday, the Democrat AND Republican Parties will continue to think that we are idiots who don't know the issues. It will be business as usual come January, with arrogant career politicians setting the agenda THEY want to set; the people be damned.


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